If you work frequently with MS Office Shapes then you would have realized how awkward it is to change a shape’s dimension to desired values (this normally requires opening the shape dialog box and making changes).



AGShapeTools significantly simplifies this process by creating a new toolbar with all the required parameter fields right on the toolbar, plus it allows you to switch between any unit of your choice. Aegis Technologies Presents an exclusive Add on which can be used in

  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint

Through this Microsoft Office addon you can easily modify the dimensions of any type of Office Shape (including diagrams, Auto shapes, and inline shapes). Simply install this add-on software on your Computer it will automatically integrate into MS Word, Ms Excel & MS PowerPoint. Add on creates a new Toolbar that gives the user easily access to the dimension parameters including Height, Width and Rotation angle, there are also options to maintain Aspect Ratio you can lock unlock the aspect ratio of the shape. There is also a settings dialog that allows user to switch measurement units (mm, cm, inches, and meters). It’s a good Add on and you will really feel the difference when you will use it.