Technical Overview


Inverse Lite is a Schlumberger sounding interpretation program. A commonly used tool by Geologists, Geophysicists, Water and Civil Engineers. Given any set of sounding data (i.e Electrode Spacing and Apparent Resistivity values) it finds a likely earth layer model. It can also generate apparent resistivity values for any given earth model.

Using the Levenberg Marquandt non-linear Least Square method, the program finds a layer parameters that fit the field sounding data.


The program can be used to interpret Schlumberger Resistivity Sounding data including noisy datasets. It can also be used to generate apparent resistivity values for any given layers. The program can be used for interpreting sounding data collected from any terrain, for any purpose including location of borehole drilling points, foundation engineering studies and mineral exploration etc.


The program would increase the ability of the geophysicist to analyze and interpret data quickly and more effectively. The commonly applied methods of interpretation by curve matching are error prone and there is really no means of checking the correctness of the interpretation. With Inverse Lite however, every interpretation is cross checked against the original field data, percentage differences are also calculated.


  • Fast Inversion of Schlumberger Resistivity Sounding data
  • Requires no initial guess or starting model
  • Detail Error check back of Inversion model
  • Forward Generation of Apparent Resistivity Data for any given model
  • Supports Windows resources and media
  • Graphical display of Field and inverted data

Automatic Inversion

Calculates the model parameters directly from a given apparent resistivity sounding Data. Most programs require an initial model to start the inversion process, but Inverse Lite calculates a mathematically optimum solution directly from the field data. This can later be edited to guide the iteration process in the direction of a known geologic model.

There is also a manual mode in which inversion is based mainly on the user specified initial model.

Forward Model

The Forward modeling calculates Apparent resistivity curves and values for any given earth model. This can be used to cross check interpretations, and for curve matching purposes on the field. This apparent resistivity values are calculated for spacing between .001m and 380,000m.

General Information


This program has been in development since 1998 and has undergone significant changes since the first attempt (which was not commercial). The original program was DOS based and lacks printer and graphic support. Later the ability to plot graphs and printout result were incorporated. Significant changes has also been made to the interpretation engine over the years. The earlier program requires an initial model and would only work with logarithmically spaced sounding data.

Recent Versions

InverseLite 4

InverseLiteĀ 5